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My Little Story

My first contact with photography was shooting a basketball game in school, capturing the moment of action involved during that time without any coaching. Few years later down the road i picked up camera and start shooting everything that caught my eye. It was amazing to be in my own world when i peek through the viewfinder.  I started capture pictures from construction accident in Nicholl Highway, series of nature work in macro, portrait of strangers, and many more. I decided to become a photographer after one year of consideration. It was a bold move, without any business background and contacts. Driven purely by passion. It was a long and difficult jorney, my main motivation is still driven by the challenge to capture stunning images from the demand of clients and personal goal. 

"A photographer's journey is not effortless. The strength that keeps me going is the burning passion and the need to capture more captivating images" - Ricky Gui